Remedies for long and shiny hair

Published on Dec 08, 2016 by esetube

Remedies for long and shiny hair

Egg packs for silky hair

Complete egg pack onto the hair for 30 minutes gives a smooth & shiny hair instantly. Cream mixed with egg also used for shiny hair. The hair packs on regular usage results best for silky hair. Try this hair pack twice a week for silky hair.

Egg & avocado to get shiny hair 

A paste of egg, coconut milk, cream, and avocado is prepared and applied onto the hair for 30 minutes. Wash it off with a mild shampoo later. This gives smooth and shiny hair.

Natural hair masks

Prepared paste of papaya, beet root, and banana is applied as a mask over the hair. This locks the moisture of the hair inside and prevents dryness. This dryness may lead to splits finally. Mask of fenugreek leaves, avocado, almond paste can also be used for smooth and shiny hair.

Coconut oil & yogurt best hair pack

As we know coconut oil/ milk it has many proteinaceous benefits, so coconut milk, or oil, which has hair promoting factors quicker than any other oils. Apply this natural milk along with the yogurt, honey onto the scalp and wash it off later with shampoo. We can also add fenugreek seeds & black pepper to the milk and used for application.

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